In the heart of Belgrade, only a few kilometers from the center of the city, tucked away in an oasis: BELGRADE BEE. About forty beehives found its place next to Belgrade’s Silos. The Gaia movement behind the eco-art zone at Silos has recognized the importance of bees for the ecosystem. So they always use the opportunity of the different manifestations and happenings, to mention this most important being on the planet, which only goes with the selfless support they are providing us. First hives were set in 2020. Apiary changed the look again in May 2021 when our colleagues from supernatural set up more beehives and planted over 700 honeydew plants. We have refreshed it again In the fall of 2021 by planting 200 more honeydew plants.

Even if at first glance it looks like Belgrade isn’t the place for bees during the air pollution, our bees have enjoyed their stay in their new home at Dorcol. After a full season, we can say with certainty that they haven’t suffered in any stadium of their development. All the more, their growth was faster and better than the bees in other locations. This progress lies in the diversity of plants that grow in Belgrade and the blooming flowers from the end of February to the end of September. Such rich vegetation and the fact that the river nearby has a positive influence on bees. Proof of their health is the analysis that we did on the veterinary faculty. You can see the analysis here.


Like lots of modern cities worldwide, we can say that our town has its honey, created in the heart of the town. You can’t find it anywhere in Serbia. The diverse vegetation that blooms around our apiary has resulted in a very Intriguing taste. Bees collected nectar in two different seasons. Summer honey is rich with nectar from the family of roses, fruit Linden, Acacia, and the rest of the herbs from the surroundings. Quality is outstanding, that and the purity of honey confirms the analysis that we have done at the accredited laboratory, which you can find here.

In the autumn, bees found nectar in Forrest and honeydew plants. Taste is less sweet than usual, but it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

We would also like to note that from each jar of BG honey sold, we will give 100 dinars for further progress of bee life in Belgrade and broader.



Forest honey from the left bank of the Danube, popularly known as honeydew. Intensive taste and aroma, strong as the Danube, next to which it is collected. It has a dark shade and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Also great for raising the energy level.



From the center of Belgrade comes first, Belgrade honey. Our bees at Dorcol have been very diligent and collected much nectar. The taste is very appealing, but we will wait for your opinion. We believe that you won’t be disappointed and are very optimistic that you would want some more.


Next year apiary will be widespread, and we will offer a natural bee oasis to our neighbors. Care for the bees and the whole habitat gives Ana from Gaia movement, experience comes from Stanko from Belgrade beekeeping society, and the others work around the bees and companies. Behind the whole apiary stands a team that, with their hard work and ecological approach, are trying to spread awareness about bees and, before all, to educate our youngest citizens for whom we prepared lots of events. Srdjan from Supernatural as well as Mad Med team: Marko, Ivan, Dario, and David. We are asking all of you to join us and create something Belgrade should have had a long time ago.