We are open to different ways of cooperation. We are keeping our original recipe for the production of our natural honey, But there is a possibility for redesigning the packaging. Choose a unique present suitable for every opportunity.

Could you become part of our team?

We are inviting all the shops, markets, health food stores, and catering facilities To contact us through phone or mail address. We are very open and flexible for cooperation. You can contact us even if you’re not from Serbia – we have many associates throughout Europe. Include in your offer this unique honey product.


Surprise your employees or business partners with a healthy present! Let your clients remember you as a company that worries about the health of its employees and associates. There is a possibility of modifying or completely redesigning the packaging. It is best to contact us during the spring or the fall when there is most honey. As quality is more important to us than quantity, we refuse deals like this if we don’t have enough refined honey at that exact moment.


We are offering the option of branding. We can put your brand everywhere on the jar or just on a specific part. Graving of the wooden and cardboard boxes is also possible. Besides that, we can put a symbolic message for your associates or whatever else comes to your mind. 


Our hexagonal jars can be different dimensions. It’s on you to choose the size. You can also select other wooden and cardboard boxes with delicious honey in them

Gift box

U ponudi imamo unikatne drvene poklon-kutije sa gravurom po želji. Sjajan su dodatak asortimanu suvenirnicama i gift shopovima.


U ponudi su i Lux pakovanja meda. Čine ih dve teglice od po 230 g meda po Vašem izboru.


Besides traditional honey, we prepared different combinations of honey and spices. 



Blend of honey and Ceylon cinnamon – separately, honey and Ceylon cinnamon have a handful of health benefits and even more together. Their mixture helps with heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, while their taste is well known in human culture. Every bite will call you to have another.



Mixture of honey and moringa plant – miraculous and magical plant: Moringa. It contains in itself: Four times more vitamin A than carrots, Seven times more vitamin C Then oranges, three times more iron then spinach, three times more vitamin E than almonds and Free times more potassium than bananas. The flaw of the moringa plant is that its taste is particular. Some compare it to algae, and others compare it to hay. 



Acacia honey – Compared to other sorts of honey Acacia honey has a very bright color, almost transparent. It’s very mild and sweet, with a delicate aroma. Because of high fructose, It needs more time to crystallize, and with it, it stays longer in the liquid state. It contains vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and magnesium.